Saturday, September 29, 2012

A unique piece of Minoan architecture

The Greek-Swedish expedition at Kastelli (Chania, Crete) uncovered this unique seal depicting a low hill by the sea, with a rocky and steep shore. A complex of multi-storey buildings, crowned by horns of consecration, occupies the hill and the surrounding plain. A young musculine figure holding a spear or staff , stands on the roof of the main building. He has long hair, wears a Minoan skirt and jewelery.

The original piece exhibited in the Museum of Chania

Illustration of the seal

This is a very important finding revealing us a lot about the architecture of Minoan Crete approx. in the 15th century B.C. This complex of densely built structures is reminiscent of Çatalhöyük. We only see the front of the city/palace, but still one cannot stay away from making such a comparison. What do you think?

Illustration of Çatalhöyük (Jim Grant, Sam Gorin and Neil Fleming - The archaeology coursebook, Routledge 2008)

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