Saturday, November 2, 2013

Palaeolexicon 2.0: A preview

In less than 60 days, this year is over and a promise has to be fulfilled. Palaeolexicon version 2.0 will be released and it is time for some teasers. We won't reveal all points, but 5 will be hopefully enough.

So, what is new?
  1. The introduction of IPA (international phonetic alphabet) that will help users to read words correctly. Where possible of course, since not even the pronunciation of Ancient Greek is certain.
  2. The introduction of synonyms: Palaeolexicon is aware of the word meanings and can therefore list words that are considered synonyms.
  3. Words of interest: Words of similar meaning, of the same context or group are listed as "Words that might be of interest". That means that if you're looking for the word "king" in a language, you might be interested of the words for commander, lord, leader etc.
  4. Full rendering of symbols: Forget those special fonts you need to read Lydian, Carian etc. You won't need them anymore! Symbols, hieroglyphics and cuneiform will be visible in your screen together with their IPA readings.

  5. Partial dictionaries:  There are many dictionaries that are being prepared in the background but are not visible (Proto-Indo-European, Lycian, Hittite, Sanskrit, Armenian, Ancient Macedonian, Hurrian, Sumerian etc). So far you can only see their traces in words that appear as "related" or "see also". In version 2, many of them will be available for searching, but not browsing.

Of course there is a whole bunch of other new features and improvements. The main question is if you're going to get them as an xmas or new years gift...

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